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by Eric Kuster

Fourteen XIV book


In the XIV years since he first founded his business, Eric Kuster has masterminded the growth of his vision and brand, seeing it transformed from a strictly Netherlands-based enterprise, to a major player on the international design circuit. Such is his talent and enthusiasm - not to mention his energy - that, having begun as an interior designer, he now works in a variety of design-related fields, creating not only beautiful homes for his world-wide base of A-list clients, but furnishing, fashion, footwear and home fragrances, too. ‘I’ve never been a fan of compartmentalising things,’ says Eric. ‘To me, life is an endlessly exciting series of interrelated ideas, so it seems only natural to be involved in a variety of projects. I only take on those I feel truly passionate about, though,’ he says, ‘And ones where I know absolutely that I can deliver in terms of quality and excellence - these are the driving forces in all my work.’

Over the pages that follow, Eric Kuster takes us on a journey that covers everywhere from Curacao to Vegas, Holland to Ibiza. While we can marvel at the glamorous diversity of his work, we can agree, too, that the recipe for true luxury combines beauty with space and comfort.

Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury - Fourteen XIV
Photography Paul Barbera
Published by Terra in 2013
400p. Hardcover
Format 36x30 cm
Text in English

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